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Severus / Harry :: Work in Progress

One-Dose Potions: Outtakes from the Draught No. 9 Universe   (WIP)
K+ to M / 1 chapter / romance, family, slice of life – Severus / Harry
A collection of one-shots, outtakes and other scenes – basically, all the little extras that didn't fit into the main story. THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS, so I suggest reading The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9 first. Primarily SS/HP, but other canon and original characters will appear. Sporadic updates.

Severus / Harry :: Completed

Almost a Gentleman (Now in Paperback!)
NC-17 / 24,000 words / romance, humor, next-gen / published 01/03/17
Harry is doing everything he's supposed to be doing: working a job and taking care of his wife and three kids. The problem? He's utterly unfulfilled. One day, Ron shows him a Muggle romance book with some striking (and not-so-subtle) similarities to Harry's life. Will going in search of the woman who penned these stories turn his life upside down... or right-side up? Slash, SS/HP.

The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9  
NC-17 / 188,000 words / 34 chapters / hurt/comfort, romance / completed 11/25/15
After the Battle of Hogwarts is over, Harry Potter feels restless and dazed by life, and struggles to find his path amid a sea of guilt and other demons of war. Who is he now if not The Chosen One? Help comes in the form of an unexpected friend, and an even more unexpected potion.

The Christmas Song
K+ / 1,400 words / romance, family / published 12/22/14
Severus decides he's finally ready to give Harry the gift he's wanted all his life. Holiday schmoop, established relationship, SS/HP. For SnapesFavorite.

R / 4,300 words / hurt/comfort, romance / published 01/10/14
Every year at Christmas, Severus secretly buys himself something special. This year, Harry finds out. Written for the "Secret Snarry Swap 2013" fest on Snape_Potter. Cross-dressing/gender confusion, established relationship.

Make it a Triple, Barkeep
NC-17 / 11,400 words / friendship, humor, romance / published 10/09/13
Harry is approached by Hermione with a most unexpected request. Written for the "First Time For Everything" fest on Snape_Potter. SS/HP/HG threesome.

The Many Faces of Severus Snape
PG-13 / art: illustrator / humor, off-camera naughtiness / published 07/26/12
Created for fun for Severus Sighs; my spin on the classic meme.

Fool's Game
PG / art: illustrator / romance, humor / published 02/14/12
Created for Anti-Valentine's Day Fest 2012 on Severus Sighs. This piece is loosely based off the prompt, "Severus' lover demands a romantic gesture, so he decides on one that will ensure he is never asked to do so again."

In Like A Lion
NC-17 / 9,900 words / romance, angst / published 02/04/11
When the Ministry throws a five-year anniversary Ball to commemorate the end of the war, Hermione decides she's run out of patience with Harry's love life – or lack of it – and enlists the help of a colleague to nudge things along. Written for Snarry Swap 2011.

Minutes to Midnight
NC-17 / 2,052 words / romance, fantasy / published 01/10/11
Just because you turn fifty-one doesn't mean you have to give up being kinky. Written for Severus Sighs on the occasion Severus' 51st birthday.

PG / 100 words / humor, friendship / published 10/24/10
A game is just a game until Severus gets involved. Written for a drabble challenge. Established relationship.

R / 547 words / romance, humor / published 10/24/10
Sometimes in life, there are guarantees. Written with inspiration from the 10th anniversary of Snarry. Established relationship.

A Hold Over Me
R / 854 words / romance, drama / published 06/20/10
Reality is sometimes a slippery thing. Or is it? Slash abstractions, Harry is 16.

Dunk and Plunder
PG-13 / 1,055 words / romance, humor / published 04/24/10
Severus has a penchant for something he would prefer to keep secret from Harry. Established relationship.

Just Your Fool
PG / art: illustrator / romance, humor / published 02/14/10
It is during holidays like Valentine's Day when Severus questions the wisdom of his involvement with such a romantic and sentimental partner. Created for Anti-Valentine's Day Fest 2010 on Severus Sighs. This piece is loosely based off the prompt, "Roses, bows and love letters, and other such delusions."

From Where I Am
PG / 22,700 words / 8 chapters / friendship, family / published 01/02/10
Prior to Christmas break, Albus Severus rediscovers a secret of the Room of Requirement. What he doesn't expect is that the secret will forever change the holiday for himself - and his father. A charming tale of pre-slash (SS/HP) and mentoring (SS/ASP). Written for Snarry Holidays 2009.

Measure of Comparison
PG / 100 words / romance, humor / published 10/01/09
Severus Snape and Harry Potter discuss the upcoming school year at Hogwarts. Written for the 100-word drabble challenge on Severus Sighs to celebrate the group's one year anniversary. Established relationship.

Handing Out Detention
PG-13 / 431 words / romance, humor / published 08/19/09
Harry Potter decides it's about time he hands out a detention to Severus Snape. But does it get him what he wants? Co-written for a drabble challenge.

NC-17 / 2,687 words / romance, hurt/comfort / published 07/31/09
Severus Snape is known for his adventurous birthday presents for Harry Potter. Written for a theme night contribution on Severus Sighs and to commemorate Harry's birthday. Kink warnings inside, established relationship.

Sparks Fly
R / 1,220 words / romance, humor / published 07/04/09
While on vacation in the U.S., Severus Snape and Harry Potter take in a fireworks display. Written in celebration of the 4th of July on Severus Sighs.

PG-13 / 540 words / romance, spiritual / published 05/08/09
Severus Snape encounters someone he secretly hoped he would find. Stream of consciousness drabble, written to music.

Keeper of the Flame
R / 1,552 words / romance, humor / published 04/29/09
When Severus Snape reads fanfic stories about himself, there is one thing that never fails to irritate him. Good thing Harry Potter knows how to distract him. Light-hearted romp written for a theme night contribution on Severus Sighs.

Carte du Jour
PG-13 / 594 words / romance, humor / published 03/28/09
Now in his mid-20s, Harry Potter takes the job of DADA professor, working alongside his former teacher, Severus Snape. But what's on the menu this time around? Written for a drabble challenge.

PG / 120 words / romance, angst / published 03/28/09
As Harry Potter starts his 6th year at Hogwarts, he comes face to face with his newest DADA professor, Severus Snape. Sometimes a look can speak volumes, but what is it saying? Written for a drabble challenge. Set during HBP.

PG / 705 words / romance, humor / published 03/21/09
An established relationship seems to suit Severus Snape and Harry Potter, even when having to tangle with Muggle technology. Written for a drabble challenge on Severus Sighs.