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Almost a Gentleman (Now in Paperback!)
NC-17 / 24,000 words / romance, humor, next-gen – Severus / Harry
Harry is doing everything he's supposed to be doing: working a job and taking care of his wife and three kids. The problem? He's utterly unfulfilled. One day, Ron shows him a Muggle romance book with some striking (and not-so-subtle) similarities to Harry's life. Will going in search of the woman who penned these stories turn his life upside down... or right-side up? Slash, SS/HP.

Most Recently Updated

One-Dose Potions: Outtakes from the Draught No. 9 Universe   (WIP)
K+ to M / 1 chapter / romance, family, slice of life – Severus / Harry
A collection of one-shots, outtakes and other scenes – basically, all the little extras that didn't fit into the main story. THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS, so I suggest reading The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9 first. Primarily SS/HP, but other canon and original characters will appear. Sporadic updates.

In Process

The Thirteenth Month
Harry Potter / EverQuest II (Crossover) – HP/OMC + HG/OMC/OFC
NC-17 / chaptered / angst, drama, hurt/comfort, fantasy, adventure
Harry and Hermione are pulled into a time road and transported to a distant realm. Stranded on a strange planet where their magic no longer works, they must work together with their new guardians to solve the time riddle. But what if the solution means only one of them can be sent back?

Planning Stage

King Under the Mountain (Working Title)
The Hobbit – Thorin / OFC
NC-17 / one-shot / romance
The Princess of Ithilien meets Thorin Oakenshield.

New Year's Eve (Working Title)
R / one-shot / romance, humor – Severus / Harry
Harry learns the value of making New Year's resolutions.

Epilogue to From Where I Am
NC-17 / one-shot / romance, family, friendship – Severus / Harry
A peek at Severus and Harry's life five years later.

On Hold

Co-authored fic with Gingertart50
NC-17 / one-shot / romance, drama – Severus / Lucius / Narcissa
Narcissa isn't planning to lose her husband to another man.

Co-authored fic with ChooseToLive
Harry Potter / Adam Lambert (Crossover) – Harry / Adam
NC-17 / angst, drama, hurt/comfort


It's one of those historic venues – quaint, if not run-down – and the people nearest the stage have been knocked to the floor in the chaos surrounding the explosion. The left side of the proscenium is shrouded in smoke and flames, its support timbers and velvet curtains twisting in an unnatural, gruesome show. Ignoring his lost glasses, Harry searches through the dim light and debris as best he can, hoping against hope he is uninjured.

He does not have to look far.

Black fingernails and jutting silver rings lead his gaze up a pale arm until he recognizes the black, brocade jacket. Adam! Without pause, Harry lurches forward and casts his arm out like a lifeline, his fingers clutching desperately at the motionless wrist. His grip becomes harder than absolutely necessary, he knows this, but the notion of simple bruising is outside the rim of his consciousness; he is consumed by his duty.

I must keep him safe. I must.

It is likely his only coherent thought.

He tightens his hold further, on instinct and on fear. Amidst the pounding in his chest and the sirens of panic and screams filling his ears, he Apparates them.

Anywhere but here.