R / 547 words / romance, humor / published 10/24/10

Summary: Sometimes in life, there are guarantees. Established relationship.
Disclaimer: The brilliant characters belong solely to J.K. Rowling. The plot and typos are my own. No profit is being made.
A/N: I was inspired by the 10th year anniversary of Snarry, as well as needing to forcibly remove this bunny from my head. I apologize in advance. Beta'd by JFinley.

The quiet of their Sunday afternoon routine was interrupted when Harry entered the sitting room and flopped down on the sofa, his voice ringing into the silence.

"Hey Severus, if you could have any Muggle car you wanted, what would you pick?"

The newspaper that his partner of ten years was reading didn't move an inch. "A BMW seven series."

Harry gaped, blinking slowly.

"Black," Severus added.

There was a long moment of silence in the room. Then, slowly, "How… how in the hell did you come up with that so fast?" Harry asked, gobsmacked.

Severus folded down the corner of his newspaper and gave Harry a speculative look. "I'm not completely immune to the Muggle world, Harry. I've seen their autos while doing business in London. When I was younger, my father also had one." With only an eye roll and an arched brow, he managed to convey the equivalent of a shrug.

"Oh, God…" Harry breathed.


"You would be so fucking hot in a BMW. A black BMW," he amended. Harry raked his gaze over Severus' face and body, clearly imagining it in his mind.

Severus folded his newspaper primly and crossed his arms over his chest. "Is there anything that doesn't turn you on, Mr. Potter?"

Harry's grin widened – he loved when Severus used his surname like this. "I can't make any guarantees, no. But why a BMW?"

"Hm, I suppose I find them adequately pleasing to look at."

Harry's laughter brightened the room, just as it always seemed to do. "In other words, it's sexy and mysterious and imposing."

Severus' eyebrow arched again, this time in amusement, but he said nothing.

Harry got up from the sofa and moved to stand over Severus. Gingerly setting the newspaper aside, he insinuated himself across Severus' lap and leaned forward, his arms winding around Severus' neck. Nipping at an ear, he whispered, "Can we go find one? I want to ride you in a BMW."

"They're for driving, you insatiable brat," Severus chided, but Harry could feel the grin against his cheek.

"You can't make any such guarantees..." Harry remarked, renegotiating his terms by pulling Severus into a searing kiss.

- o O o O o -

Later, as Harry tossed the keys back to the sales clerk at the dealership – he'd had to drive as Severus had never learned – he straightened the collar of his jumper and cast Severus a furtive glance.

"Like I said," he grinned, his voice pitched low. "Not just for driving."