Gaugamela Can Wait

R / 291 words / romance, friendship / published 03/13/09 / For classyblue

It always started with his eyes.

Oh, how the deep cerulean blue pierced through me like no other with their eager, knowing stare. Our connection was instant and lingering. My eyes blazed back.

Then it was his touch.

My skin was afire to the dexterity of his warm and supple fingers as they danced across my flesh. There was an electricity there I'd never felt with anyone else. It coursed through every fiber of my being.

Next, his mouth.

My eyes feasted hungrily on the curve of his pouty, crimson lips as I succumbed to his ministrations shamelessly. His dark mop of messy hair flopped lazily onto my thigh as he leaned in to take me full into his mouth.

I groaned, feeling vulnerable ... and yet liberated somehow.

Hephaestion revered me, his King. I longed to profess to him in return – he was, after all, my beloved friend and confidante – but I never managed the words. He was impossibly beautiful, and deserved better.

And then his skillful tongue rendered me speechless once again. I arched my hips as he worked, tangling my hands in his hair. I relished being at his mercy; under his spell. Such freedoms could not be enjoyed in less trustworthy company.

I moaned deeply, prizing him with a sincere response to his languid pleasuring, the energy and vitality in the room pulsing through my veins. He always made me feel like I could conquer the world.

Oh, how I loved him.

I hoped he understood.