PG / 705 words / romance, humor / published 03/21/09

Summary: An established relationship seems to suit Severus Snape and Harry Potter, even when having to tangle with Muggle technology.
Disclaimer: The brilliant characters belong solely to J.K. Rowling. The plot and typos are my own. No profit is being made.
Prompt: Ron shuddered. "I don't even want to know what they're like when they're alone."
A/N: Torina's Drabble Challenge #3 on Severus Sighs.

"I can't find it!"

"It's at the top of the page, underneath the banner." Harry spoke loudly but the sound of his voice was muted somewhat by the expanse of the room between them, his tone carrying an air of distraction with it.


Harry sighed and tromped back into the room where Severus sat at the desk, carrying with him two pairs of socks, all mismatched in color. He set the socks down as he leaned over Severus' shoulder and squinted at the monitor, pressing his forefinger firmly to the screen. "Right there, underneath the banner!"

Severus bristled. "Infernal contraption! All I want is a dinner reservation! Why do you insist on having me use this thing when it is clearly ill-equipped for the task?"

Harry stood back up and grinned profusely, although out of eyeshot of Severus. The truth was, he found it exceptionally entertaining watching Severus use a computer, but he knew better than to admit that. Biting back a laugh, he managed to keep his voice fairly even as he responded. "I thought a Potions Master could handle the internet. Perhaps I overestimated you."

"Perhaps my wand would encourage compliance..." Severus scowled, ignoring Harry's retort.

No longer able to contain himself, Harry's face erupted in laughter. The fact that the corner of Severus' mouth twitched as he did so was not lost on him either. No matter what transpired in the course of their daily lives, Harry knew that Severus became instantly pliable at the sound of his mirth. Moving to stand behind the chair, Harry leaned over Severus' shoulders, smoothing his palms down the front of his lover's chest, his lips lightly nibbling an ear.

"Oi! You two ready yet? We're going to be late!"

Harry started at the sound of the voice, having almost forgotten that Ron and Hermione were sitting on the sofa barely ten paces from the desk. He and Severus had the tendency to get completely absorbed in each other.

"Oh! Sorry! Hold on!" Turning quickly on his heel, Harry jogged back into the bedroom and re-emerged promptly with a black sport coat draped over the shoulder of his crisp, white shirt. When he neared the desk again, he inserted an arm into the jacket as Severus turned his head slightly.


"What?" Harry asked, putting his other arm into the jacket and pulling it up around his shoulders.

"Socks." Severus repeated. "Unless you think the theatre will bend its rules about barefoot patrons strictly on your account." Harry looked down at the portion of his feet visible below his black trousers and wiggled his toes, considering them thoughtfully.

"No, I suppose not." He grinned at Severus cheekily, eyes twinkling, and grabbed two of the socks on the desk even though he knew they didn't match.

Leaning over to Hermione so he could whisper in her ear, Ron shook his head and shuddered. "I don't even want to know what they're like when they're alone."

"Oh, Ron, don't be such a prat. I think it's cute!" she hissed back quietly.

If she was really being honest with herself, she rather wished her relationship with Ron was half of what Harry and Severus shared. She envied them their playfulness and sense of wonder about each other. It spoke to an earlier, simpler time that she realized she longed to recapture. Sighing, she stood up from the sofa and heralded for Ron to join her, pushing her lament aside for now in favor of enjoying the evening out together with friends.