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... well, for the time being, anyway!  Welcome to lovetoseverus.me – a centralized collection of my stories, art, gifts and recs. Here I get to roam freely, without posting rules or archive limitations.

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  • 'Draught No. 9' Cover by Glockgal

    "Draught No. 9" Cover

    As a gift to myself, I commissioned this piece after seeing one of Glockgal's watercolors of Dumbledore. I fell in love with the mood of her style and was in the market for artwork for "The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9" anyway. This will become the cover art.
    PG / art: watercolor

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  • 'Draught No. 9' Characters by Glockgal

    "Draught No. 9" Characters

    At the same time I commissioned the cover art, I also had Glockgal create an illustration of my story's central characters to use as inside artwork. If you are reading the story, they should require no introduction, but just in case (L to R): Marcus, Harry, Severus, Hermione.
    PG / art: tablet and photoshop

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  • The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9 by lovetoseverus

    The Unexpected Side Effect of Draught No. 9  

    After the Battle of Hogwarts is over, Harry Potter feels restless and dazed by life, and struggles to find his path amid a sea of guilt and other demons of war. Who is he now if not The Chosen One? Help comes in the form of an unexpected friend, and an even more unexpected potion. SS/HP.
    NC-17 / 188,000 words / 34 chapters

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  • In Like A Lion by lovetoseverus

    In Like A Lion

    When the Ministry throws a five-year anniversary Ball to commemorate the end of the war, Hermione decides she's run out of patience with Harry's love life – or lack of it – and enlists the help of a colleague to nudge things along. SS/HP.
    NC-17 / 9,900 words

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  • From Where I Am by lovetoseverus

    From Where I Am

    Prior to Christmas break, Albus Severus rediscovers a secret of the Room of Requirement. What he doesn't expect is that the secret will forever change the holiday for himself - and his father. Pre-slash (SS/HP), mentoring (SS/ASP).
    PG / 22,700 words / 8 chapters

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  • A Thousand Kisses Deep by Veridari

    A Thousand Kisses Deep

    Relaxing by the fire is exactly what you need at the end of the day. SS/HP. This commission is very special to me, not only for the composition and subject matter, but also for the opportunity to collaborate with Veridari. I simply adore this piece.
    PG-13 / art: tablet and photoshop

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  • Fool's Game by lovetoseverus

    Fool's Game

    Created for Anti-Valentine's Day Fest 2012 on Severus Sighs. This piece is loosely based off the prompt, "Severus' lover demands a romantic gesture, so he decides on one that will ensure he is never asked to do so again."
    PG / art: illustrator

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  • What I Don't Say by someoldcat

    What I Don't Say

    Me and my partner in crime, WordsConsumeHer, commissioned this piece after seeing a similar one with Severus/Sirius. We wanted Harry in the throes of passion at Severus' hands, and Severus with his own naked expression.
    NC-17 / art: pencil on cardstock

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  • The Many Faces of Severus Snape by lovetoseverus

    The Many Faces of Severus Snape

    Created for fun for Severus Sighs; my spin on the classic meme, complete with humor and a bit of off-camera naughtiness.
    PG-13 / art: illustrator

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